Here are a few links to frequently asked questions by taxpayers, as well as some others we've encountered in the past. If your question is not answered here, click this link to send the question directly to us. We will answer it as soon as possible.

Why file with Washington Way Financial Services?
Filing with Washington Way Financial Services guarantees you honest, fair, and inexpensive services. Our interest is your success because when you succeed, we succeed.
How much of a refund should I expect to get back?
Your refund (or amount due) can only be determined after a careful thorough tax evaluation. There is no set amount of refund due for any type of employee.

When are the fees due for my return?
If your refund is going to go directly to you, fees are due before preparation is complete. If you have to come back to pick up your return, your fee will be withheld from the total deposit.

What do the fees cover?
The fees, for the type of filing you need, cover your federal, state, and local returns as well as the electronic filing. It will also cover processing of your documents electronically, processing labor, and an electronic copy of all of your tax documents.

How do I pay if I owe?
When you owe money to the IRS or your social security number is on the Offset List, you must pay in cash, money order, or debit/credit card prior to the finalization of your tax documents. In order to pay a debt you may owe to the IRS, you can either send in a check or money order with your return, or you can setup payment arrangements. The answer to that can be determined based on the amount of money you owe, keeping in mind that interest begins to accrue on the balance due. 



How do I pay my preparation fees?

There are several ways payment can be made. Electronic payments can be made via the following ways:

Cash App: $washwayfinancial




Cash/check is also an acceptable form of payment. Send these payments to:

Washington Way Financial

PO Box 1281

Pooler, GA 31322

What happens if my return is rejected?
Rejected returns have to be amended due to an error in the paperwork process. Depending on the reason the return was rejected, the amendment may have the capacity to be re-filed electronically. Some amendments will have to be mailed. In either case, you will be contacted by the person who prepared your taxes and notified of any changes that need to be made to get the return accepted.

How long will it take to get my refund?
Depending on the filing option you chose, you can expect to receive your refund in as little as 21 days and as much as six weeks. Shorter refund periods are those that have no filing issues and are not held for audit. You will receive an email with the link to check the status of your income tax return.  

I have taxes from previous years. Can I file those?
You are able to go back and file for all the years you haven't. However, you can only file the current years taxes electronically. All others have to be processed and mailed. Contact us to set up a meeting to get your prior year returns processed.

When do I have to file?
The deadline for most tax filers in April 15, 2021. If an extension is filed, the deadlines change as follows: Individual/Joint Tax Payers - October 15, Form 1065/1120S - September 15, and Form 1120 - October 15.

Is there a penalty for filing late?
If your return is not postmarked by April 15, 2021 or submitted by the same, there will be a percentage penalty assessed, by the IRS to the amount you owe. This is in addition to the interest that will begin to accrue from that same date. In the event that you have a refund due, you have up to three years from the deadline date to file that return without penalty. If the three year limit is exceeded, the penalties and/or interest will go back to the original deadline date and be due immediately.


Where is Washington Way Financial Services located?

We are located in Pooler, GA or just a phone call or email away. Go to Contact Us for details.