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Washington Way Financial has been in business since 2005. We take pride in customer satisfaction and taxpayer education. Our goal is to put the client in the best possible situation regarding their finances, through tax preparation. We base our success on the quality of the reviews our customers give. In addition, once you're a customer, you are grandfathered into your pricing scheme. Your price will not rise with our continued growth. 

But you may still be wondering, why should you choose Washington Way Financial for tax preparation?


Let us tell you why it's nice to have The Washington Way on your side.

Washington Way Financial prides itself on quality customer service. A return customer is a happy customer. Nothing says more about success than a customer who returns for quality service. As a benefit to those return customers, we offer referral bonuses for new clients. When you send us business, we pay you for your time and effort. 

Tax preparation can be arduous and time consuming. Instead of flubbing your way through your tax situation, let Washington Way Financial free up your time. We will take your situation, gather a few basic facts about your tax year, and process your tax return while you continue to live life on your terms.

You can't offer yourself a guarantee. If you make a mistake by missing a deduction, transposing numbers, or failing to maximize the benefit of your tax situation, you have to live with that circumstance. With Washington Way Financial, we go out of our way to ensure you avoid these pitfalls and find the maximum benefit of tax situation. We stand by our work and will ensure the accuracy of our processing.

The tax laws are changing everyday. Not knowing what's new or available to you, could minimize your refund and put you in a negative situation. All employees are IRS certified Tax Professionals with years of experience and the credentials to validate their knowledge. We stay up to speed on the ever-changing tax laws and will continue to put the taxpayer into the best situation possible.

The mission of Washington Way is to make lasting relationships. Washington Way Financial charges flat rate fees for your tax processing, that will not increase. Once you are locked into a standard rate (discounted rates don't apply), you will have that rate for as long as your tax situation remains the same. The cost only changes due to marriage/divorce, death, or in introduction/dissolution of a business. In addition to flat rates, we also offer cash back referral bonuses. When you refer new clients to Washington Way Financial, we will reward you with cash back (this is infinite).

So ask yourself, why would I pay a big company higher prices when I can get the same level of service, exponentially better customer service, and the opportunity to earn my preparation fees back? You would be correct if you answered 'it doesn't make sense'. You have absolutely nothing to lose by utilizing the excellent, professional, and speedy services of Washington Way Financial. Give us a try and find out what a difference we can make in your life.

We appreciate our customers and we look forward to continuing our relationship in the future. Remember with Washington Way, your success is our success!!

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