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Love Lifted Me


Danger lurks around every corner for career military man and government, secret operative Nehemiah Bolden. When he continues to have nightmares of an assignment gone wrong, he decides it is time to retire from the military and find another career path.  Just one thing stopping him, a ghost from his past.

Nehemiah meets an attractive woman while on vacation and has an overwhelming need to protect her. He soon discovers that meeting her is more than a coincidence. Over the years, he has kept her safe but now their pasts may put their lives in jeopardy again. They need to both trust in a love like no other.  

More Than You Know


Ricardo Diaz started his company from nothing and is proud of the work he is doing. His company is threatened when the potential software program is copied while he is away taking care of his wife. He needs to make a decision, his company or his wife.


Monica Diaz has battled cancer once before and won, but this time is different. None of the other treatments are working and she running out of options. This new, experimental treatment in Germany is her last chance at life. She loses faith in her recovery and decides that she wants to die alone, but God. God has a different plan for the both of them. Family and friends will show just how much love they have for you. Sometimes, more than you know


When You Least Expect It


Karyn has her heart set on starting a magazine. As a freelance journalist for several other magazines, she is close to having her own. That's before Her best friend Neiko shows up on her doorstep, homeless and jobless; and before her twin sister Sharyn is arrested for theft, which is her third offense and leaves Karyn as the sole provider for her 5-year-old nephew.

If that isn't enough, two men are trying to romantically pursue her. How can Karyn take care of her friends, her family and still move her career forward while dodging two men? Life happens When You Least Expect I

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