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The Washington Way developed as a concept for life. In its inception, it was first derived as a better way to do things. That better way started as a more economical option, a more open thought process, and a more involved way of incorporating different perspectives. Those ideas morphed into a business concept that would offer affordable services with quality production.

Those services range from wedding coordination to travel planning. Services offered by The Washington Way also involves accounting services, tax preparation, notary services, and publishing options for prospective authors. Operating as a family business, The Washington Way company aims to be your preference for services you'll need, but for which you don't want to overpay. 

Consider Ms. Lisa Weddings if you're looking for day-of-wedding coordination. She is available to step in and make the day you've planned for, magical and exactly as you wish without the hassle of burdening family. 

Washington Way Travel is available for your domestic and international travel. Whether your trip is a solo excursion or a group event, we can assist you with your travel plans to a variety of destinations. Washington Way Travel also offers group travel discounts. Inquire within.

Washington Way Publishing is our new venture, offering affordable options for prospective authors. Qualifying authors will have an opportunity to have their works published, distributed, and available for sale through a variety of distributors, online resources, and technological options. Inquire within when you're ready to discuss your publishing needs.

Washington Way Financial is our most senior business venture, specializing in tax preparation and accounting services. As a qualified accountant, preparation of your individual and business tax needs is our specialty. We help you to receive the maximum refund possible, educate you with how to maximize your future refunds, provide you with financial advice (minimally), and offer notary services for your legal documentation. As travelling accountants in the Savannah, GA area, we are available for your needs. Contact us with questions

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